Kondor, Laszlo – Bunker Life, LZ Center

The National Veterans Art Museum’s (NVAM) SOUND OFF project is a living oral history archive utilizing innovative technology that places the learner at the center and engages audiences—especially veterans, their families and students—in the arts, history and civics. SOUND OFF builds on the unique art collection at the heart of NVAM and the power of oral history to help patrons gain knowledge, experience and understanding of the veteran experience—and uniquely, the veteran artist’s experience—in new an innovative ways.

With SOUND OFF, we encourage you to engage with the veterans and the humanities directly and interactively. SOUND OFF aims to encourage friends and families of veterans to open conversations about military experience and the ability to access this platform from desktops and mobile devices enables users to record interviews at their convenience. We hope that the end result will be a constantly growing database of recordings through which visitors can explore issues of personal interest related to military service, respond to art from the NVAM Permanent Collection, as also provide responses to others interacting within the SOUND OFF sphere.

SOUND OFF employs a “tagging” system to help listeners find recordings on a given topic. Users may implement tags  already existing on the platform or add any unique tags that fit their narrative specifically. Properly utilizing the tagging system serves not only the purpose of identifying your contribution to SOUND OFF, but also of connection that submission with other users having similar experiences or opinions.