Kondor, Laszlo - Writing Home
Kondor, Laszlo – Writing Home

SOUND OFF is an oral history and museum patron digital feedback project geared towards making the National Veterans Art Museum more accessible and understandable to all parties involved. From the veterans who create the artwork to the viewers who digest the work’s meanings to those veterans who wish to discuss their experiences with military service and/or combat. Submissions can also be audio commentary on other’s participation.

The SOUND OFF Archive is a searchable collection of audio recordings based on user-provided tags. Tags are invaluable tool for aiding in quick and efficient searches. When you submit to SOUND OFF, you provide the tags that aptly apply to your submission. Tags can include: individual’s names; branch of service; military specific occupational specialties; war, conflict or operation served in; deployed locations; artwork titles; art mediums; art subject matter; and anything else that might be specific to your submission. Tags should be separated by commas so as to distinguish them individually. Please do not use hashtags when tagging. Remember, the search system of SOUND OFF relies completely on tags. Be as specific as possible, while proving broad tags based on subject matter.

With SOUND OFF, the number of topics to discuss and record your opinion is virtually limitless. You may decide that you want to discuss your own personal experiences as a veteran or a family member of one. You might respond to artwork on the curated works page that draws from NVAM’s Permanent Collection. Maybe you would like to comment on another user’s contribution? Perhaps you were at one of the museum’s creative workshops or other event and just have to talk about it? All of this is fair game and you can come up with your own personal spin as long as it benefits the community and reflects upon NVAM’s overarching activities or speaks to the veteran experience.

When initiating your contribution, take a few minutes to consider what you’re going to say before you start recording. Remember, all comments are held for moderation by site administration. Contributions may be edited for length and appropriateness where deemed necessary. Offensive recordings will be deleted immediately and those accounts will be blocked from further use. Please try to consider the greater NVAM and veteran communities when leaving telling your story or posting your comments. We want SOUND OFF to be an invaluable and educational tool for all those involved and cannot wait to see how you choose to participate.

We’ve provided a base of recordings in the archive for you to use as examples and to draw inspiration from directly. These are simply jumping off points to kickstart your creative process. Don’t feel constrained to provide your contribution exactly (or even in the same vain) of what you encounter in the archive.  Once you have experienced some of the Archive, feel free to check out the Ways to Participate & the Prepare to Contribute pages for guidance on submitting your narrative. You will find important information on submission guidelines and practical considerations for subject matter.