Ways to participate

Share your story.

If you’re a veteran, we would appreciate hearing your story. We understand it is often difficult to put your personal experiences into words. This is a large part of why the National Veterans Art Museum came into existence—because several Vietnam veterans chose to relay their experiences through visual art when words were incapable of expressing what they were feeling at any given time. When you are ready to discuss your military service, combat experience or how either has affected your life (positively or negatively), we are here for you.

Please refer to the other pages under the Preparation menu section for any tips and suggestions on how to effectively share your story to others. We have included some  talking points for veterans and a “How to look at art critically.”

Please remember that veterans are required to submit a DD-214 as proof of service before we post submissions.

Hosier, John - Dear Son
Hosier, John – Dear Son

Respond to a veteran.

Many of America’s veterans’ experiences are moving, inspiring, and life changing. If you would like to respond to how a veteran’s story made you feel or possibly changed your life, we would like to hear from you too. This could be about a family member, friend or other veteran who’s story has impacted you.

By telling others how a veteran’s life experience and story has impacted you, a whole new conversation can begin. When we discuss how war and military service has affected those in our life, we not only help get the conversation started, but we also broaden the discussion, thus helping others understand how they might engage veterans. Through this, we hope that the veteran experience becomes more widespread and comprehensive in the communities we inhabit.

Rodney-Haapala, Karin - Seclusion (2013)
Rodney-Haapala, Karin – Seclusion (2013)

Respond to veteran art.

The epicenter of the National Veteran Art Museum’s NVAM Mission is our artwork. There are more than 3000 works from 300+ veterans. Each work speaks of the veteran experience as it relates to the artist’s personal biography and experiences with military service or combat—before, during or after. There is much to
be gained by observing these works and considering each individual’s personal experience with war and military service. Remember, the mainstay of our Mission Statement is, “The National Veterans Art Museum inspires greater understanding of the real impact of war.”

We would like to know how art from the permanent collection affects you. Please visit the Veteran Art for Inspiration gallery on this site or visit the NVAM Permanent Collection Online for a more complete offering.

Sunta, Tom - Demon Inside
Sunta, Tom – Demon Inside

Respond to NVAM activities.

If you have specific experiences with the National Veterans Art Museum and any particular activity that you have been involved in, we are pleased to hear your thoughts on how it may have impacted you, your family and friends, or the community at large. We have hosted many events and workshops at our facilities, including a plethora of youth arts educational activities that you may have participated in or volunteered for in the past. When making your response about these topics, please be specific about when and where the activity, event or workshop occurred, as well as your level of participation. You may visit the educational site for the museum at www.nvamoutloud.org for inspiration as well.

Jeffery Kierna
Jeffery Kierna

 Veteran Artists, dicuss your work

If you’re a veteran artist with work in our permanent collection, perhaps you would like people to know specifics about the genesis of that work or say something specific about your process? When submitting a narrative that focuses on your artwork, please the use the tagging system as effectively as possible, this means using you name,  the title of the work, the medium and the subject matter.

Fornelli, Joe - Dressed to Kill
Fornelli, Joe – Dressed to Kill