Veterans Topics for Consideration

Telling your story can be just as daunting as a blank canvas for an artist might be troublesome. Where do you get started? Many of the greatest works or art were methodically thought out, with artists creating study after study in search of the perfect composition and technique to express themselves. With this in mind, we’ve curated a few talking points for your consideration. The below offered inspiration is simply presented as a set of jumping off points to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to use any or modify them to suit your needs. Perhaps one will spark that memory or experience you’ve longed to relay to a captive audience?

Given, David A - Gunners LullabyIn which branch of the military did you serve?

Did you enlist or were you drafted? If you enlisted, why did you choose that specific branch of the military?

What happened when you departed for training camp and during your early days of training? Do you recall your instructors? If so, what were they like?

Did you receive any specialized training? If so, what?

How did you adapt to military life, including the physical regimen, barracks, food and social life?

Where did you serve?
—If you served abroad, what are some memories you have of that experience?
—If you were on the front lines, what combat action did you witness?
—If you were not on the front lines, what were your duties?
—If you saw combat, how did you feel when witnessing casualties and destruction?
—What kinds of friendships and camaraderie did you form while serving, and with whom?
—How did you stay in touch with family and friends back home
—What did you do for recreation or when you were off-duty?

If you saw combat, where were you when the war ended?
—How did you return home?
—How were you received by your family and community?
—How did you readjust to civilian life?
—Have you remained in contact with or reunited with fellow veterans? If so, who?
—Are you a member of any veterans’ organizations? If so, which?
—What have you done since separating from the military?

How did your wartime experiences affect your life?
—What are some life lessons you learned from military service?
—How has your military service impacted your feelings about war and the military in general?
—What message would you like to leave for future generations who will view/hear you contribution to SOUND OFF?

Is there anything you feel like  hasn’t been discussed, or should be added to your contribution to SOUND OFF? If so, what?

REMEMBER:  You can submit several recordings to SOUND OFF. If the above suggestions seem overwhelming, you may want to break down experiences into smaller sound bytes. When doing so, your also encourage more interaction as overly long recordings may test a listeners attention span. Consider your conciseness of commentary when making your recording.

REMEMBER:  If submitting multiple recordings, use at least one or two tags to distinguish each individual recording as part of a set.